2x Wormwood Plants in 9cm pot (Artemisia absinthium)


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2x Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) plants in a 9cm pot (free yarrow plug)


Two silvery leaved and aromatic wormwood plants grown here in my witch’s garden in the spring, ready for you to plant out into larger pots or straight into the earth. Wormwood is a hardy perennial, very easy to take care of. Prefers well drained soil and lots of sun. Wormwood is one of my absolute favourite magical plants, a witch’s garden wouldn’t be complete without one! You will also receive one free yarrow plug plant!

Wormwood was used to flavour the poets drink, absinthe, popular in the 19th century. The stems and leaves of the wormwood plant can be used in spells and charms to aid in divination, contacting spirits, astral travel and enhancing your psychic abilities. Burning wormwood as an incense is said to summon spirits. Wormwood and mugwort can be used in smudging rituals for cleansing and protection. A bundle of leaves hung in the house is said to ward against mischievous entities and evil spirits.

Your plants will arrive together in one 9cm pot, carefully wrapped in plastic and bubble wrap to avoid damage in the post.

If you’re purchasing other items as well as this plant, I ask that you purchase this separately, as it will be sent in it’s own parcel.

Thanks for viewing and Brightest Blessings!


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