Anne Boleyn Natural Perfume Oil

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Anne Boleyn Perfume oil

A unique scent inspired by Tudor perfumery, a blend of aromas able to take you back in time, with the use of herbs and spices which were in contemporary use, as perfumes or in pomanders (scented pouches).

The Tudor age saw exotic explorations undertaken by the likes of Christopher Columbus and Sir Francis Drake, who brought back fragrant herbs and spices. Some of these imported substances became favourites of the wealthy to wear as perfumes. Popular scents of the Tudor and Elizabethan eras were orange blossom, jasmine, rose, agarwood and sandalwood.

Anne Boleyn’s scent has been inspired by these new and exciting aromas of Tudor times. The top notes of this perfume are English rose and honeysuckle, as Anne’s heraldic badge depicts red and white roses, and honeysuckle was a part of Henry and Anne’s private motif. Rose and honeysuckle have been blended with orange, jasmine, agarwood and sandalwood oils, delivering an authentic, if more powerful, historical scent.

Essential oils have been blended with a sweet almond oil base, and will arrive in a 5ml amber glass bottle.


4 reviews for Anne Boleyn Natural Perfume Oil

  1. Isabel

    I love this perfume oil, the smell is stunning. Very rich and floral, definitely worthy of a queen! One of the few perfume oils I’ve ever tried that I can actually smell when wearing which is great.

  2. Holly (verified owner)

    One of the most beautiful smells, it really transports you to another time. Very long lasting too!

  3. Louise Read (verified owner)

    This perfume oil smells absolutely gorgeous! I shall definitely be buying more bottles

    • kwetherell

      Thank you so much Louise! x

  4. Victoria (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this perfume oil, it has a lovely antique sense to it – a beautiful rich balance of floral and citrus notes! Definitely going to be wearing this often.

    • kwetherell

      Thank you so much for your feedback Victoria! 😀

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