Boundary Crossing Dressed Candles


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Set of four black taper candles which have been dressed and anointed with the herbs and sacred ingredients of the witches arte, after being exhumed from their burial at the threshold of an ancient churchyard (the middling ground between the mundane and the otherworld) wrapped in a raw silk winding sheet from full to new moon. They are first anointed with a macerated oil blend of fly agaric and hellebore, before being dressed with hallowed herbs, flowers, bones and earth, powdered with pestle and mortar in the Old One’s name. The candles are imbued with the fine grains of mullein, wormwood, myrrh, yew, graveyard earth, human bone, toad bone and earth from the fertile plot of the crossroads, before being dipped and sealed in the seasoned cauldron of black wax.

 These candles serve as illumination for the wild, the dark, the betwixt and between, the world beyond the corporeal. They are offerings to the Old God of witches, given in return for gnosis and occult wisdom. To be burned in workings concerned with the liminal, boundary crossing, hedge riding, walking between worlds and communing with faery, spirits of the land, the dead, and the wild adversary. Each candle is white inside, representing the duality of night and day, the dark and light of twilight and the in between.

You will receive a gift box of four candles and a box of Ye Olde Witchcraft Shoppe matches.

Caution: Herbal dressings may catch fire, never leave a burning candle unattended.


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