Celtic Samhain Blend 20ml


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Celtic Samhain Blend

An aromatic and versatile blend of herbs, resins and oils in a corked glass bottle. Can be used as an incense on charcoal discs during your Samhain rituals or left as an offering to the ancestors, Faeries and passing spirits on Halloween night. May also be left out in a dish as potpourri or you can place a heap in the top of an oil burner to release the scent of the oils.

With herbs and resins such as calendula, rose, mugwort, patchouli, sandalwood and mullein, and the aromas of orange, rosewood, geranium and so much more, this is the perfect blend for your Samhain celebrations, and shall make a feast the spirits will want to partake of!

You will receive one 20ml bottle with a hand stamped triskelion wax seal.

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