Corresponding Celtic Ogham Staves


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Set of 20 corresponding Celtic ogham staves

The Ogham is an ancient Celtic alphabet, consisting of 20 characters or symbols, each corresponding to its own tree. These symbols can be used for divination, for connecting to the spirits of the green wood and for enhancing whichever power the stave represents. Each symbol is burned onto its own stave and each holds its own wisdom and meaning.

This set includes 20 beautifully hand carved, sanded and burned staves, with each stave holding it’s own individual magical qualities. You will also receive an information sheet with instructions and meanings for your staves. The staves are approximately 4.5cm long.

These staves have been made from each tree that the symbols represent, for instance Beith, the symbol for birch has been carved from birch wood etc.

This set is ideal for carrying discreetly on the person as they fit in the hand and are not cumbersome. Perfect for attuning to your staves all day.

Set of 20 will arrive in a black cardboard box measuring approx. 22cm long and 5cm wide

Posted standard second class with royal mail


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