Faerie Sight Dressed Candle


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Faerie Sight Dressed Candle

 Green taper candle dressed in the magical herbs used to dispel the glamour of the Fae. Light this candle in rituals concerning the good folk, the Tuatha De Danann and all who dwell beyond the veil. Use in enchanted woods, heather clad moors and by lonely rivers to attune to ancient and ethereal energies.

This blend has been crafted with the hallowed herbs and plants that historically attract faeries.

An ointment recipe from a manuscript written in the 1600s by Elias Ashmole gives specific plants that will summon and improve your vision of faeries, these substances or as close as could be sourced have been added to this blend, including: Rose Petals, Marigold Flowers, Buds of Hollyhock, Hazel, Moss collected from the side of a fairy hill and Grass collected from a fairy ring

In addition to these, the following have been added which are also attributed to the power of seeing and inviting the Fae, including: Hawthorn leaves from a fairy tree, Ragwort, Cowslips and the most powerful of all, Four Leaf Clovers.

You will receive one hand dressed candle wrapped with brown paper and information sheet.

Caution: Herbal dressings may catch fire, never leave a burning candle unattended


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