Finger Bone and Belladonna Reliquary


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A collection of hallowed objects of the arte magic, gathered together in a gothic amulet to form a conduit and connection to old magics, the poison path, cthonic arts, the otherworld and unearthly ancient powers. Wear this amulet to enhance your workings and increase the power of your spells with the energies of the dead and the essence of nightshade. Acrylic and stainless steel amulet contains a flower of the Deadly Nightshade plant on one side and a human finger bone (blessed and consecrated) on the other. Crafted during the waxing moon. Amulet is strung on a silver toned chain and will arrive in a cardboard jewellery box.

Thanks for viewing and Brightest Blessings!

Caution: Amulet contains toxic ingredients, handle with care and do not consume. Sold as a curio only.


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