Hedge Witch Smudge Mist / Room Spray


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Hedge Witch Smudge Mist

Hedge Witch Spray is a scented blend of oils and herbs, chosen for their mystical and magical attributes, known to weavers of old English witchery for hundreds of years to enhance workings of the spirit and to protect you while journeying. Added to this blend are essential oils, to awaken and attune your subconscious mind to magical practices. Mist yourself and your working area with this blend before hedge crossing rituals, astral travel, meditations, spirit journeying, using the tarot or runes and for contact with the otherside, be it the land of the dead or elfhame. Blended with fennel seed, hawthorn leaves, wormwood, vervain and essential oils of deep violet musk, sage, geranium and juniper berry.

All natural blend comes in a 30ml amber glass spray bottle

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