Lammas/Lughnasadh Sabbat Oil


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Lughnasadh Sabbat Oil

Lughnasadh or Lammas is one of the four festivals in the Gaelic calendar, marking the beginning of the harvest season. Lughnasadh is a time to celebrate all you have achieved and gained and to show thanks for the harvest. Adorn your altar with baked bread, barley sheaves and corn dollies, and make a toast to John Barleycorn, life of the fields.

An all natural ritual oil for your magical Lughnasadh celebrations! The oil is a blend of high quality seeds, essential oils and sweet almond oil, crafted to aid you in your sabbat festivities.

Use this oil to anoint your tools, magical items and candles or add to oil burners and incense blends!

Lughnasadh oil is blend of Sandalwood, Grapefruit and Bramble with Barley seeds

You will receive one 5ml amber glass bottle of oil

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The oils that I craft do not have Cosmetic Product Safety Reports, so they are sold for use in oil burners, adding to incense blends and for anointing tools and magical items only. My oils are all made with the highest quality cosmetic grade ingredients, so although I can assure you that use on the skin would cause no harm (unless you have underlying allergies or conditions beforehand) I can not legally sell them as perfumes. By purchasing my oils you are agreeing to the responsibility of risk if using on the skin. It is my goal to get my oils assessed for safe cosmetic use ASAP.


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