Monkshood Pendulum *SOLD*


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Monkshood Pendulum

Hand crafted and unique resin pendulum containing Aconite, also known as Monkshood, Wolfsbane and Devil’s Helmet. Monkshood is a beautiful and poisonous plant surrounded by magic and folklore.

Hecate, the goddess of witchcraft and sorcery who was proficient in plant lore, discovered the plant, which grew in abundance where Hercules entered the underworld. Monkshood was sometimes used in the creation of Medieval flying ointments, along with other toxic and hallucinogenic plants, such as mandrake, belladonna and hemlock.

Aconite is the ideal tool for divination, consecration, empowerment, communication with the underworld and rituals connected with Hecate and Medea.

You will receive one resin pendulum containing the leaves and beautiful deep purple flowers of the baneful Monkshood plant suspended on a silvery chain.

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