The Otherworld~Necromancy Incense


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60ML Jar of loose incense blend.

 Ultimately a witch’s goal is to gain access to the other world, a place where the spirits, faeries and deities reside. Certain artes and liminal places naturally bring us closer to these entities and bring us gnosis and wisdom of spiritual mysteries. Twilight on the eve of May Day is one such natural occurrence that brings us closer to the thinning veil. Certain herbs and roots have been burned for centuries to invite the dead to us, so that we may commune and honour them. This incense is one such blend of notorious herbs.


Mullein ~ Also known as Hag’s Tapers, Mullein is characterised by spikes of yellow flowers, once dipped in tallow or oil and used by witches as candles to see through the veil into the world of spirit. Mullein is also used as a substitute for graveyard earth.

Wormwood ~ Has been burned for centuries to summon spirits and invoke apparitions.

Apple ~ The ancient Celts made offerings of apples as food for the dead.

Coriander ~ Spirit herb used in suffumigation blends for causing apparitions to appear.

Black Henbane ~ Makes spirits and strange shapes appear, as written in Cornelius Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophy 1533.

Myrrh ~ Aids in all works concerned with the other world, and is a fragrant offering to the dead.

Human Bone Dust ~ The human bone contained in this incense is from an antique medical specimen. The aim in its inclusion is not to waken the soul of whom it once belonged, but is in fact due to its very nature a connection and conduit to the other side.

The incense should be burned on a charcoal disc, preferably outside in some liminal or magical place, such as at crossroads or graveyards, to aid in your rituals concerned with the calling of spirits, connecting with the other side, summoning the dead and various necromancies. You may also use it in offerings to your ancestors and other honourable spirits.

You will receive one 60ml amber glass jar of incense and A4 grimoire page of information printed on parchment paper

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