Ten Traditional Witchcraft Grimoire Pages


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10 Traditional witchcraft pages

A collection of 10 unique A4 grimoire pages, printed on parchment paper, detailing a range of subjects from the path of Traditional Witchcraft and Folk Magic. These include an introduction to traditional witchcraft, as well as pages on the cauldron, flying ointments, the Faerie faith, witch bottles, familiar fetishes, herbs of the dead, and a collection of the historical charms used by Isobel Gowdie in 1662.

These pages are exclusive to Ye Olde Witchcraft Shoppe, and are illustrated using my own drawings as well as historical woodcuts. The information contained on each page is a result of thorough research, years of practice and my own experiences.

You will receive 10 A4 parchment pages, perfect for your own Grimoire or Book of Shadows.

Thanks for viewing and Brightest Blessings!


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