The Goblin Box


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The Goblin Box

A unique collection of magical supplies for practitioners of the more unusual, wild and wayside arts. Goblins are creatures of the Otherworld, of untouched places and old world magics. Ally to the witch, Goblins are keepers of secrets, pertaining to the old world and sorcery, and can be unparalleled teachers to those who are clever enough to befriend them.

This collection has been put together for you to connect with these beings, spirits of the green wood, barrow, hill and haunted creek.

This set includes a bag of Goblin Treasures, natural objects with innate magical qualities connected to spirits of the unseen realms. The pouch includes the nut cases of beech, horse chestnut and oak (goblin hats), a blackbird feather, wild foraged bones, a dried toadstool, a fiddlehead, snail shell and amethyst crystal point. You my find a goblin very grateful for any gift you give from this pouch.

This set also includes a highly potent mystical oil crafted by Adam Darkly of Devil’s Cunjure, created to honour, call forth and commune with goblin energies, and will serve as a key to the Seelie and Unseelie, the Otherworld and those of the mound. Crafted with materia sacred to the Fae, including blessed thistle, rowan, master-of-the-woods etc.

Everything will arrive in a large black gift box, fully lined with forest moss, with two A5 grimoire pages with information on goblins and the goblin oil.

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