The Little Box of Halloween


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A whimsical collection of fragranced delights for Halloween. This handmade, pumpkin embossed paper box contains one 10ml bottle of Pickety Witch fragrance oil, three Black Cat and Bat wax melts, and two Celtic Brew Tealights.

~The Pickety Witch Fragrance Oil~

Inspired by the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. This blend of oils brings to mind the season of rich and golden abundance, autumn in its splendour of ripening fruits, misty woods and the rich fare of baked pies and autmnal feasts. Heed not the darkness, and the strange sounds of ghosts and goblins that stalk the night, tonight apples are roasting by a crackling fire! Oil comes in a 10ml amber glass roll on bottle.

~Black Cat and Bat Wax Melts~

Three wax melts shaped like bats and cats, scented with Geranium, Plum, Mulberry, Woodsmoke and Black Cherry. Simply add to the top of your oil burner to release the fragrance, can be remelted until the fragrance has gone.

~Celtic Brew Tealights~

Apples for the Gods and bones for the dead. The perfect offering for your Samhain altar. Calendula scattered candles have handmade and hand painted shapes of a skull and an apple on each one.

Thanks for viewing and Samhain Blessings!

You will receive everything you see in photo 2, other objects in photo 1 are for illustrative purposes only.


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