The Old One Candle Dressing Blend


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The Old One Candle Dressing Blend

This blend has been crafted for use in deconstructing the mundane and the commonplace, and entering into the enchanted world of the Old One, a place of wilderness and darkness, hidden illumination and occult knowledge. From the wild acre, the twisting bramble hedge and the path untrodden, this blend invites you to enter that which is forbidden, where only the wise and intrepid will venture to gain gnosis of the devil’s arte, of baneful plants, thorny briar and haunted wood. Use your dressed candles as an offering, or when you require his presence, his aid or his wisdom.

Contains: Devil’s Bit Scabious Flowers, Mullein Flowers, Bramble Leaves and Thorns, Rose, Blackthorn Leaves and Pins, Belladonna, Henbane, Ivy, and the Hair of a Black Goat.

Choose a suitable candle and anointing oil for your dressing. In all works concerned with the wild adversary, it is best to use the crooked way; anoint your chosen candle moving widdershins in a spiral motion down the candle. This blend must be ground in a pestle and mortar as finely as possible, imbue with your intentions while you do so. Sprinkle your anointed candle with the powdered blend. May also be used as an incense on charcoal discs.

Caution: Contains sharp thorns. Herbal blend may catch fire, never leave burning candles or herbs unattended.


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