The Witch All Purpose Magical Oil


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The Witch

All Purpose Magical Oil

A witch’s power is found within, drawn from ancient trees in sacred groves, from the earth under foot and the silver moon and stars overhead, and from our own determination and strength.

Our spells and rituals hold power because we hold power. The Witch All Purpose Magical Oil is crafted to enhance these connections with the earth and the cosmos, to build a link between our own energy and the energy of all that surrounds us.

Use this oil for all of your magical undertakings, anoint yourself before ritual, spell work, meditation and divination practice. Anoint your tools, add to incense and ritual bath water. Wear as a perfume, and enter the world with the knowledge that you are The Witch. This oil will serve to enhance all of your strengths and abilities.

Sweet almond oil has been infused with frankincense, patchouli, oakmoss, jasmine, sage, geranium and amber essential oils as well as with the crystals, herbs, flowers and precious items that may inspire a witch, including:

 Quartz crystal chips from the earth

 Wild gathered moss from ancient woodlands

A rose bud from a beautiful garden

Heather from the windswept moors

Wormwood and Rosemary from the healing and mystical witch’s garden

Piece of shale from the shores of Lindisfarne

Hawthorn leaves from a solitary fairy tree

Myrrh resin for the ancient rituals performed long ago

And jasmine flowers that bloom in the sacred night

You will receive 10ml of oil in a clear glass roll on bottle, ready to be used for all your magical deeds!

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