Walpurgis Night Dressed Candle


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A dressed candle for your Walpurgis Night and Beltane Celebrations. Dressed in the magical and folkloric herbs associated with the betwixt and between of one of the most mystical fire festivals of the Witches’ calendar. This candle can be used in your celebrations of spring, renewal, spiritual growth and change; as an offering to the spirits of the greenwood, the fae folk, and the wild adversary; as a light that guides the way to otherworldy realms, the Witches’ Sabbath and occult gnosis.

Green taper candle anointed with lilac oil, and dressed with sweet violets, wild parsley, mugwort and hawthorn leaves, sealed with black wax and dusted with purple mica powder. You will receive one Walpurgis Night Dressed Taper Candle.

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