Witch Hare Loose Incense Blend *SOLD OUT*


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Witch Hare Loose Incense Blend

The mysterious hare has a long association with magic and witchcraft. Haunter of ancient lands and moon drenched nights, the hare is a powerful symbol of old magic, solitary nocturnal crafts and transmutation.

Burn this incense in rituals of the moon, the divine feminine, connecting with the land, prophetic dreams, hedgecrossing, faerie spells and for transformation into the spirit of the witch hare.

Witch hare incense has a base of benzoin resin, blended with powerful herbs, flowers and oils surrounded by ancient lore and magic:

Harebell (Campanula Rotundifolia) also know as fairies thimbles and witch’s bells, a British wildflower surrounded by folklore, a flower of the otherworld, elves and devilry. The milky sap of the harebell was thought to have been taken by witches to be used in their spells and enchantments for transforming into hares.

Moonflower (Datura stramonium) a baneful plant of the Nightshade family, a night blooming flower and sister of the moon. A powerful ally in dream magic and workings with dark faeries.

Honeysuckle (Lonicera periclymenum) Like all sacred creatures of the night, including Hares, Moths and Owls, honeysuckle blooms put on their greatest performance as night draws in. Her powerful heady scent reaches far into the dusk. Honeysuckle is a plant of intuition and psychic dreams.

Hare fur (Lepus europaeus) A sprinkling of ethically gathered fur, creating a true connection to these wild and enchanting creatures

Red Clover (Trifolium pratense) A sacred herb among the ancient Celts, a plant of wild and fairy haunted lands. Clover acts as a doorway into other realms and improves clarity of mind.

Jasmine (Jasminum) Queen of the Night, the flower a witch goes to for all manner of nocturnal magicks, moon scrying and charging, prophetic dreams and divination.

This magical and versatile incense blend will arrive in a 60ml amber glass jar.

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