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Witches familiar root spirit

A root such as this is known as a manikin or alraun, it is a fetish, an amulet, a conduit of ancient magic, a bridge to the other world.

His body is a wild parsnip root, his moustache foxglove roots, his eyes are the berries of black nightshade, in his hand is a mandrake root wand and his head is capped with black wax. The root is chthonic in nature, and so he is laid in his own coffin in a shroud of raw silk, in which he must be kept wrapped when stored away. His mandrake wand is a connection to plant spirits and old magic. With care and offerings this poppet will be your familiar spirit and ally, and will enhance your powers in workings of the craft.

Caring for this root is a great responsibility, you should never neglect the spirit, and should make frequent offerings to please and empower it. Full instructions of the rituals you must perform are included, as well as an herbal anointing oil. Coffin measures approximately 17cm in length. The herbal oil is crafted with blackthorn infused olive oil, with sage and rosemary.

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