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Witches Flying Incense

Witches flying incense is a blend of old world baneful ingredients notable for their use in flying ointment recipes of the Middle Ages. This blend is designed to be burned on charcoal discs to release the power and vibrations held within these magical substances, rather than absorbed through the skin like an ointment which may pose many risks. You may also use this incense in your own blends, oils, charm bags etc. Caution is advised at all times, the incense contains toxins, and if you decide to burn it for your rituals, please do so outdoors and avoid inhaling the smoke.

Witches flying incense is ideal for your rituals concerned with the spirit realm, hedge crossing, spirit/astral journeying, connecting with ancient magicks and any kind of transformation or transvection spells. This potent blend may be used in any workings to increase and raise power, especially for a witch who follows the old ways.

The incense is crafted using premium, aromatic amber blended with red clover, henbane, belladonna, mandrake, datura, monkshood and fly agaric caps, all of which I have either grown or foraged and therefore can guarantee to be genuine.

The incense will arrive in a 60ml amber glass jar, which will keep the blend fresh for longer.

Thanks for viewing and brightest blessings!

Ye Olde Witchcraft Shoppe is not liable for any individual reaction to any particular ingredient. Remember to read the ingredients listed carefully. If you have a specific allergy or sensitivity, do not use ingredients that may trigger a reaction.

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1 review for SOLD OUT Witches Flying Incense – 60ml jar

  1. Fleur (verified owner)

    Amazing stuff, I used it for help in Transformation and Healing . Lots of positive things happened during the burning session. It smells really earthy and green when in jar. No inhaling the smoke. Love it!

    • kwetherell

      Thank you so much Fleur! Wonderful to hear your positive experience xxx

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