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Crafted for those witches of the old ways, whether you’ve walked the path for many years or are just starting out, whether you require more strange and unusual herbs, altar items and spell supplies, or are just beginning to stock up your witch’s cupboards, you’ll find something for you inside these mystery boxes. Handmade and found items inspired by nature, folklore, traditional witchcraft, myth, folk magic, green witchery, faerie lore and otherworldly realms.

There are three boxes/sizes to choose from. Little Owl (small, up to 4 items) Barn Owl (Medium, up to 7 items) and Eagle Owl (Large, up to 10 items)
Everything in these boxes is handmade (apart from some special found items and antiques) and can’t be found anywhere else, most not even in my own Shoppe! Everything I have created is exclusive and magically unique to these boxes.

What may be included in your box:
Hand crafted candles
Natural Oddities and Curios (flora and fauna, bones, toadstools, plants etc.)
Herbs and apothecary ingredients (some from the baneful witch’s garden)
Smudge mist sprays
Hand dipped incense
Spell oils
Amulets, reliquaries, charms
Antiques and unique found items
Hand crafted hanging witch dolls
Grimoire pages
Hand painted items
Handmade altar items
Wax melts

CUSTOMISE YOUR BOX: Do let me know if there are certain things you don’t want included in your box, such as bones, or baneful herbs. And if you wish, drop me a message to say whether you lean more towards Old Ways Witchcraft, Faerie Witchcraft, Green witchcraft, curios and oddities or let me know whatever you’re into!

The mystery box itself will be what is posted, and isn’t placed inside another parcel, to save on packaging.

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Small (Little Owl), Medium (Barn Owl), Large (Eagle Owl)

2 reviews for Ye Olde Witchcraft Mystery Box

  1. Tania Bardsley (verified owner)

    Amazing witchcraft mystery box with a great variety of unique items.
    I especially loved the anointed dressed candle and the deadly nightshade leaf.
    Beautifully made, thanks so much xoxo

    • Katherine

      Thank you so much for your review Tania! I’m so glad you liked your mystery box 😄

      Brightest Blessings!

  2. Gail

    Amazing box, I only bought the little owl box but loved it so much I’ll be buying a bigger box next time. I purchased off Etsy but now I’ve found the website I can order lot easier.

    • Katherine

      Hi Gail, I’m so glad you liked your box! Thank you for your kind review 😄

      Brightest Blessings!

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